The best view on the tall ships of SAIL Amsterdam 2020

A’DAM SAIL-In Festival

August 12 2020 – A’DAM LOOKOUT
Ticket: € 60 / 3-hour timeslot


Once every five years, Amsterdam becomes the backdrop of SAIL: the grand maritime event where impressive tall ships from all over the world sail into the city through the IJ and dock at the eastern harbors. During this festive arrival on August 12th, 2020, the A’DAM SAIL-In Festival gives you a first-row seat for the spectacle.

From A’DAM LOOKOUT, you can enjoy the best view on the arriving ships within a 3-hour time slot. The ticket includes a SAIL-cocktail, bites, a ride on the Over The Edge swing, music by a DJ and a boat expert telling you all about the passing ships through special headphones.

There are limited tickets available for the two time slots of 3 hours each (between 11:00-14:00 and 15:00-18:00). So, don’t wait too long and SAIL away with A’DAM.

Want to visit A’DAM SAIL-In Festival with friends, family or co-workers? For groups of 15 or more, you can choose between several packages. For more information, send an email to