Discover more about the city of Amsterdam and the A’DAM Tower

Interested in learning more about Amsterdam and the A’DAM Tower? Then step into the cinema on the 20th floor, part of the A’DAM LOOKOUT. Take a seat and get comfortable, because we’ll show you in an enjoyable way how the city of Amsterdam and the A’DAM Tower came to be and what there is to do today.

You’ll uncover more about the location where the A’DAM Tower stands. It used to be quite a spooky place…
Centuries later, the oil company Shell established itself in this building. When they left the building in 2009, a new purpose was sought.

The development of the A’DAM Tower will be showcased, and of course, we’ll show you what else there is to do in the A’DAM Tower besides visiting the A’DAM LOOKOUT.

A’DAM Tower, the vertical city where music resonates in every brick. 22 floors where you can be entertained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.