Are you a travel agent and does LOOKOUT seem like the perfect partner for your newest tour? Or do you want to sip on a cocktail with co-workers or friends while enjoying a breath-taking view of the city? It’s all possible at LOOKOUT. Groups are more than welcome and can choose between several packages – from entrance-only to lunch, dinner or elaborate drinks and swings.

We offer special group prizes for groups of 15 people or more. For bookings please click the button below.

Groups of 15 people or more


Are you planning a school trip and you’re looking for an exciting – and educational – activity? Please contact us via

Our special prizes are only available for students from primary schools and high schools.

School groups of 10 people and up

    • LOOKOUT: € 8,00
    • LOOKOUT + Swing: € 15,50
    • LOOKOUT + VR Ride: € 15,50
    • LOOKOUT + This is Holland: € 17,00
    • LOOKOUT + Burger menu: € 29,50


While our amazing views are perfect for a party, A’DAM LOOKOUT cannot be rented out for private events. Luckily, we offer endless other possibilities inside the A’DAM Tower – with that same phenomenal view.

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