FAQ's Photo

Yes, after your picture was taken you received a ticket with a personal code. With this code, you can log in on https://lookout.gophoto.pro//. If you didn’t receive your photo or if you have any other questions, please email lookout@gophoto.nl.

Our employees can make a photo while you are enjoying ‘Over the Edge’. Good to know: our employees only take photos during daylight, as the image quality in the dark is not good.

For personal use, it is allowed to take pictures or make videos. It is not allowed to make film footage for commercial purposes. Press and film applications can be mailed to press@adamlookout.com.

Visit https://faq.gophoto.nl/lookout and fill out the online form, to find your photos manually and send you a new code.

From our staff, you received a small card, your photo pass, which has written the website and your personal photo code on the back.

We can try to find your photos manually and send you a new code. Please visit https://faq.gophoto.nl/lookout to fill out the form below and we will get in touch.

Visit https://faq.gophoto.nl/lookout and fill out the form, they will try to find your photos manually and get in touch.

The video takes longer to process and upload than your photos. Please log in again two hours after your swing ride. Make sure to clear your web browser history or click on ‘Enter another photo code’, before logging in.

Is the video still not there? Then please visit https://faq.gophoto.nl/lookout and fill out the form. They will try to find them manually and send you a new code.

The option to save your video is not available on most smartphones and/or tablets because of standard browsers like Chrome, Safari and Explorer block this.

There are two options to download files and save them:1. Search an app that supports offline viewing of web browsers.2. Download on desktop, connect your phone to desktop and download video to the camera roll of your phone

Our payment provider Adyen randomly does liability checks on cards. It is possible that your card has been marked as a risk. Try another card or contact us for more information. Make sure to include the email you used to place the order: lookout@gophoto.nl

The email with a confirmation of your order and the download links to your photo and/or the video takes maximum of 10 minutes to arrive in your inbox. If you don’t see the email in your inbox please check your spam folder. Is it not there either? Please contact us at lookout@gophoto.nl.

FAQ's Tickets

Tickets are both online and at the box office for sale. More information about the tickets can be found at https://www.adamlookout.com/ticketprices/

Regular, Thrill and Drinks tickets are two euros cheaper if you buy them on the website as opposed to at the ticket desk.

We use a ‘cards only’ policy. This means that it is only possible to pay an entrance ticket with Maestro (PIN), Visa, Mastercard or American Express. This way we can offer a faster and safer service to our visitors.

Until the day of booking, you can reschedule the ticket by clicking ‘manage your order’ in the e-mail you received with your ticket. If the date has passed, please email info@adamlookout.com, customer service can adjust the date.

At the swing we work with time slots of 20 minutes. In the booking process you can choose an available time slot of 20 minutes on the day of your visit to A’DAM LOOKOUT. Within the chosen 20 minutes it is your turn to swing, so you never have to wait longer than fifteen minutes for your swing ride. Make sure you are at the swing on time, we recommend that you enter A’DAM LOOKOUT at least half an hour before your swing time slot.

We sell a various types of entrance tickets, from a regular entrance ticket to a ticket with drinks, lunch or dinner, tickets that include our ‘Over the Edge’ swing ride and Amsterdam VR Ride or other Amsterdam based attractions. With our add ons you could even create the perfect ticket for your visit. The complete overview can be found here: https://www.adamlookout.com/ticketprices/

More information about the content of our combi tickets can be found here: https://www.adamlookout.com/en/combitickets/

‘Over the Edge’ swing and Amsterdam VR Ride tickets are never included in an entrance ticket. This always requires an extra ticket of € 7,50 per ticket per person.

Unfortunately as of 2022 we will no longer sell new year tickets.

We have special group rates available for group from 15 persons or more. Please check adamlookout.com/group-tickets/. Smaller groups could buy tickets in our webshop.

We will look up the reservation to see if the tickets are used or not. If this is alright, then you will be able to visit A’DAM LOOKOUT.

With Iamsterdam City Card and Go City Pass you can enter for free and are not required to reserve a timeslot. Pay attention: It is not possible to buy combi tickets with these cards. If you want to buy a ticket and reserve a timeslot for the swing, you can use this link: https://prio.adamlookout.com/.

After purchasing the LOOKOUT + OUR HOUSE combi ticket, you will receive an e-mail with 2 tickets. The first ticket is your LOOKOUT ticket and the second ticket has a promo code that you can use to collect your final entry tickets on: https://www.our-house.com/.

FAQ's Swing 'Over The Edge'

The swing takes about a minute.

Your turn for the swing will be within the reserved time slot of your entrance ticket. As we may only welcome a limited number of guests every time slot there won’t be a long que at the swing.

If you buy a swing ticket, you will automatically buy a ticket that’s available within the time slot of your entrance ticket.

Yes, you could definitely buy tickets for both thrills. Our A’DAM LOOKOUT + Swing + VR Rollercoaster Ride ticket includes tickets for both. You will have more than enough time to enjoy the swing and the ride.

In addition to an entrance ticket for A’DAM LOOKOUT, you will need a separate ticket for Over The Edge. A swing ticket costs €7,50 and is available online, at our box office and on the Sky Deck.


You are strongly advised not to use the swing in case you:

  • Suffer from a heart condition or abnormal blood pressure
  • Are pregnant
  • Recently had surgery
  • Are afraid of heights
  • Suffer from back or neck pain or similar physical conditions
  • Are shorter than 120 cm

Remember that the following items cannot be taken with you on this attraction:

  • Cell phones / photo cameras
  • Back packs / purses / shopping bags / …etc
  • Slippers / flip flops
  • Food and drinks
  • Other loose items which might drop while experiencing the attraction
  • All loose items can be put into a container before participating in this attraction


  • All instructions of the operator must be followed at all times
  • Use safety equipment that is provided to you
  • Keep hands inside the attraction at all times

The total maximum weight for the swing is 200 kilos. So guests weighing up to 200 kilos can use the swing without any problems.

The minimum height for our swing is 1.20 cm.

Swinging when you are pregnant is at your own risk. Our advice is not to swing when you are pregnant.

Our swing complies with all legal and safety regulations.
While swinging, you are securely fastened for maximum safety.
Specially trained staff operate the swing to ensure a seamless experience.
Enjoy your swing experience!

FAQ's Amsterdam VR Ride

The Amsterdam VR Ride takes approximately 2,5 minutes.

Take a seat in the Amsterdam VR Ride, put on the VR glasses and find yourself in a lifelike roller coaster ride right through Amsterdam! Something that seems impossible in real life becomes possible in the world of virtual reality. The programmed roller coaster cart moves along while you virtually race along a track past all the highlights of the city.

Your turn for the Amsterdam VR Ride will be within the reserved time slot of your entrance ticket. As we may only welcome a limited number of guests every time slot there won’t be a long que at the Amsterdam VR Ride.

If you buy a Amsterdam VR Ride ticket, you will automatically buy a ticket that’s available within the time slot of your entrance.

Yes, you could definitely buy tickets for both thrills. Our A’DAM LOOKOUT + Thrill ticket includes tickets for both. You will have more than enough time to enjoy the swing and the ride.

In addition to an entrance ticket for A’DAM LOOKOUT you will need a seperate ticket for Amsterdam VR Ride. A ride ticket costs € 7,50 and is available online, at our box office and on the 20th floor.

FAQ's Food & Beverage

You can enjoy food and drinks while you enjoy the view. Our panorama restaurant on the 20th floor offers a wide choice of drinks, sweets, snacks and lunch dishes. You can just walk in and find a comfortable spot.

With LOOKOUT + drinks you can order drinks at the bar and find a seat.
With LOOKOUT + menu you can order a menu at the bar and find a seat. You can’t book a table here: menu
With LOOKOUT + 360 you can have lunch or dinner at our revolving restaurant Moon on the 19th floor.

You can look at the complete menu here: https://www.adamlookout.com/downloads/lookout-menu.pdf

On our rooftop we have a rooftop bar where you could buy drinks and snacks.

In our ticketshop you could find combination tickets with drinks, lunches or dinners.

It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks.

Whith a reservation for Moon, you have automatic access to the observation deck and the indoor experience. The experience lift and the free digital version of the photo are not included. With a restaurant reservation, sign up at the right desk in the entrance hall. This is the counter of the restaurants. The staff will then guide you to the elevator that brings you up to the restaurant. So you can take a look at the observation deck, there is also the swing. You can buy tickets for the swing and/or the Amsterdam VR Ride on the observation deck (€ 6, – per person, per ticket and payment by card only) or at our box office on the ground floor.

The menu is every day available from 12:00 AM – 9:00 PM.

FAQ's A'DAM Store

At the moment, we do not have a webshop for items from our store. If you’ve seen something special, you can send an email to shop@adamlookout.com.

Yes, this can be done with the cash receipt, in the original packaging and within 30 days. Exchange is only possible in the A’DAM Brand Store.

FAQ's Others

A’DAM LOOKOUT is open daily:

10:00 – 22:00 hrs.
Last admission at 21:00 hrs.

No, dogs aren’t allowed at A’DAM LOOKOUT. We do make an exception for assistance dogs.

Hell yes! Unfortunately, we don’t have any staff who can assist you or take pictures of the big moment so make sure to bring a friend if that’s what you want.

Of course, you can visit A’DAM LOOKOUT during your party. We expect that the other visitors will not be disturbed by your party. It is not allowed to wear offensive clothes or to do games in our indoor experience or on the Sky Deck.

We are well accessible to everyone. Our staff will assist you from the ground floor to all floors.

No, unfortunately not. It is only possible to go up with the elevator. The stairwells in A’DAM are only accessible in case of emergency.

Yes, there is another elevator without fierce lights that can be taken under the guidance of our staff. Please report to the box office that you suffer from epilepsy and we will help you to enjoy A’DAM LOOKOUT.

More information and directions can be found at https://www.adamlookout.com/getting-there/. We are easily accessible via public transport and there’s a parking garage below the building.

Items found are stored for 3 months. You can contact info@adamlookout.com and describe clearly when and what you have lost. Please contact us by e-mail so that we can reach you when we find it.

The minimum age is 4 years and the minimum lenght is 100 centimeters.