Over the Edge

Europe’s highest swing

On the roof of A’DAM LOOKOUT you can find Over the Edge: Europe’s highest swing. Daredevils and thrill seekers swing back and forth at 100 metres high over the city of Amsterdam. Dangle your feet over the edge, let the adrenaline rush through your veins but most of all, don’t forget to enjoy the view.


Amsterdam VR Ride

The ultimate rollercoaster experience

Take a seat in the Amsterdam VR Ride, put on the VR glasses and find yourself in a lifelike roller coaster ride right through the city. Something that seems impossible in real life becomes possible in the world of virtual reality. The unique custom-built roller coaster cart moves along while you virtually race over a track through all the highlights of the city.



  • A ride on our swing or in the Amsterdam VR Ride costs €5 per person.
  • Tickets for the swing and the Amsterdam VR Ride are add-on tickets. The add-on tickets can’t be booked separately, these tickets can only be booked in combination with an entrance ticket or combi ticket.
  • The swing and the Amsterdam VR Ride are suitable for children who are taller than 1.20 metres and participation is at your own risk.